Wasps, Artwork, and the PMR: update from the Board

wasp nest

Please avoid the wasp nest in the stairway going from the garage to the back alley and garbage area. Use the courtyard gate until this hazard is removed. The property manager is aware of the situation and will deal with it. If you spot any other wasp nests on the property please let Ted know.

A request has been made to donate some artwork to be hung in the hallways. Since there is no policy in place to guide us in this decision,  the Board is reluctant to approve this request without further consultation with owners. Therefore, we are asking all owners to consider if they would like to have artwork in the hallways.  If yes, what kind of policy would owners like the Board to adopt in this regard. As always, your opinions are appreciated via Box 41. All correspondence must be  identified to be considered.

Parkade Membrane Replacement

It is currently anticipated work will begin on this project in late July. Owners and Residents will be notified in advance when work is scheduled. We will also provide updates on proposed landscape design as they are available. This will be part of the discussion at the AGM, August 20. Please plan to be there.

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3 comments on “Wasps, Artwork, and the PMR: update from the Board
  1. #33 says:

    Thanks for the Parking Membrane (anticipated) dates. We are aware that the Board is no doubt tremendously busy planning for this event, and know all of the details.

    Could you kindly provide a little advance notification to the owners so that we too can plan our calendars?

    We noticed that there was a lot of loud cutting and shredding of trees occurring earlier this week, (week of July 18th), but no advance notifications posted to expect substantial noise and disturbance for X number of hours, between X hours in the day, on X day.

    It would be most helpful if there could be postings put up, both on site, and on the website, 48 hours ahead of common property activities like this, so that owner’s who may work at home can plan to take the day off, or be away from the condo building.

    Similarly, there were no notifications of fire alarm testing in the building, last week. When the alarms went off, we started to quickly head out of the building, when luckily the fire code people saw us and notified us that just testing was going on – we didn’t have to leave!

  2. #33 says:

    Re: Artwork in the hallways.

    Love the idea, if someone would kindly like to donate some art works – especially if the work could be reviewed for tastefulness and appropriateness for our building before putting up. I know that beauty is quite subjective, but there are usually easily agreed upon parameters. Perhaps they could be reviewed at the upcoming AGM and a vote taken?

    I for one feel that the beautiful scenic Edmonton photography in the entryway is a huge plus for our building, and as a daughter of an Alberta landscape artist, I find that the right pictures and creative art can add tremendous value to a home and building – both in aesthetics and property value.

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