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Snow in Oliver Already?

Ah,snow in oliver  thankfully, it’s just the ice clearing crew at the rink. But what’s worse than snow in Oliver in October? Not getting out to vote. That’s much worse. Show you care about your home and your community. Get out to vote Monday October 21, if you haven’t already been to the advanced polls.

We are in Ward 6.

But for school boards: Edmonton Public Ward F, Edmonton Catholic Ward 75

Our polling station is in Oliver School, just around the corner.

Need more information? Edmonton Elections

  • Eligibility
  • types of ID accepted
  • candidates
  • and more

One reply on “Snow in Oliver Already?”

This blog mentioned the five rules or must follow steps to retain the block walls of the house. Getting such info with ease is not something that people should let go of. I am going to follow these.

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